Quiet Quest Day 30 – Sun Salutations


One of my biggest challenges I’ve faced with Quiet Quest is my ability to practice a vinyasa yoga sequence without music.

Like I have mentioned before, vinyasa is a flowing sequence of postures coordinated with breath. Classes can be vigorous (often called ‘power’ yoga) or gentle (my personal preference) and most classes are done to music which I personally love as it almost has a dance like feel.

For Quiet Quest today it is another vinyasa style yoga session this time focusing on sun salutations. The sun is said to be the most powerful symbol of strength and perseverance and ancient yoga traditions recommend that sun salutations are done daily.

There are endless versions of sun salutations and they are part of most vinyasa sequences that you will do at your local yoga class. Sun salutation will increase your heart rate, improve your respiration and increase strength and flexibility.

Perfect way to light up your day!



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