Quiet Quest Day 29 – Backbends


If ever given the option to come into a bridge or wheel pose in a yoga class, I almost always opt for the bridge pose. Not because I can’t physically lift up into a wheel pose but because there is something that terrifies me about it when I’m in it.

This should come as no surprise to me as through my study of yoga I have learnt that mental and physical limitations in backbends often indicate fear. Backbends are primarily about opening the heart – an area that we tend to be quite protective of. Backbends give us the opportunity to open and release the emotions of fear and sadness that we may be holding there. Apparently it is quite common for people to feel teary after a series of backbends – not something I have personally experienced but have heard often.

But it’s not all emotional doom and gloom when it comes to backbends, there are many physical benefits such as helping correct posture, increased lung capacity and massaging the muscles around the spine. Of course it is of high importance that you practice these safely and under the guidance of a teacher as your back is not something you want to mess with.

For Quiet Quest today and I am going to muster the courage and will power in my silent asana practice to come up into wheel pose (pic above) and hold camel pose (which I find equally as terrifying) for at least 5 breaths as I think it is time to let go of some of this fear.

I’m already feeling a little frightened at the thought of it! Wish me luck…….



2 thoughts on “Quiet Quest Day 29 – Backbends

  1. It’s always been a difficult one for me … I’ve never had the upper arm strength to sustain it. So actually getting up has always come as a surprise. Again, effort is more important than result!

    • Yes – I know exactly what you mean, I was also taken by surprise when I was able to lift up into it originally. It definitely requires both arm & leg strength and for me personally – a bit of courage! Lxo

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