Quiet Quest Day 28 – Meditation Monday


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it took me a long time to get on board with meditation despite many people in my life telling me it was exactly what I needed.

Although sitting in silent meditation has now become part of my life, it is yet to become a daily practice.  While I have the intention to sit silently each day for at least 20 minutes, I still tend to make excuses for it not to happen.

The one day of the week though that I have really committed to sitting in stillness is Monday. For me it is a good way to start off a new week and I feel better equipped to deal with the week ahead.

Quiet Quest has given me a wonderful opportunity to not only help people living with hardship and raise awareness for the work done by The Yoga Foundation, it has also allowed me to explore many other ways to practice meditation in action and try out various mindfulness techniques. That being said, post October I would like to establish a daily practice of sitting in stillness for at least 20 minutes a day.

Apparently it takes 40 days of consistent practice to establish a long lasting habit. If like me, you are working towards a similar daily practice, here are five tips I’ve been given by my teachers to help get the habit set:

  1. Set up your own personal meditation space – this place should be sacred to you and be both quiet and comfortable. You want to look forward to sitting in this place so avoid a space that is full of clutter and noise pollution. One of my biggest excuses is that my meditation space has been over taken with clutter and mess so it’s not inviting to sit in. I suppose my own personal tip in this case would also be to keep it clean!
  2. Start with 5-10 minutes and build up slowly. You want to ease into a practice like this. It actually took me over 6 months of regular meditation to reach 30 minutes!
  3. Meditate first thing in the morning – this is often a tip people who are trying to establish a physical exercise routine are told. Get it over and done with first thing and feel great for the rest of the day. It may mean having to get up half an hour earlier though.
  4. Choose a time of the day that is convenient for you and schedule it in your diary – If mornings aren’t going to work for you, schedule a time the way you would a meeting at work and commit to showing up for it.
  5. Try guided meditation to begin with – These can be great in the early days to help you stay focused (and seated!) and there are a heap of free apps and podcasts that offer these guides.

If anyone else has any other recommendations, I’d love to hear them.



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