Quiet Quest Day 27 – Organic Skincare Facial

vanessa megan filter

At reading the title of today’s Quiet Quest, my sponsors are probably questioning their generous donations…..but it’s Self Love Sunday and given that one of the suggestions given by the fundraiser organisers is quiet massage, I figured that a quiet facial would also meet the criteria!

It also just so happens that I just received the Vanessa Megan skin care range that I had ordered too. Talk about perfect timing! I had seen the Vanessa Megan tagline of “you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat” whilst eating lunch one day and it promptly made me re-evaluate the chemical lotions and potions I have been using on my skin to date.

Sadly though, what should be prompting me and others to re-evaluate the choice of skin care is the fact that millions of animals are still being used in very cruel tests each year to assess the safety of mainstream cosmetics. I was HORRIFIED to read the number of house-hold name cosmetic and beauty brands listed on the PETA website that are still testing on animals. It really is unbelievable.

John Robbins is quoted in  Jivamukti Yoga Practices for Liberating Body and Soul written by David Life and Sharon Gannon as follows:

“If people knew how badly animals are treated in today’s factory farms, if people knew how completely confined and immobilised these creatures are for their entire lives, if people knew how severe and unrelenting is the cruelty these animals are forced to endure, there would be change. If people knew. But too many of us choose to look the other way, to keep the veil in place, to remain unconscious and caught in the cultural trance. That way we are more comfortable. That way is convenient. That way we don’t have to risk too much. This is how we keep ourselves asleep”.

One of the yogic observances is that of non-violence  in thought, action and speech. This concept of non-violence extends to all beings – meaning humans and animals as they all have five senses.  My hope is that whether you consider yourself a yogi or not, you too will consider the origin of where tonight’s eye cream and night serum have come from.



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