Quiet Quest Day 26 – Twist and Detox



To say that I have eaten one too many of my Nonna’s biscotti is an understatement.

Instead of nourishing my body over the last week, I’ve found myself loading up on sugar, salts, saturated fats and triple doses of caffeine. I tend to do this when I’ve got a lot going on and haven’t had near enough sleep and now I am feeling like a sack of potatoes. Heavy, lethargic and in desperate need of some sort of detox.

So today for Quiet Quest, I am kickstarting the detox process and practicing a yoga sequence which incorporates lots of twists!

Twists in yoga are said to have a cleansing effect on the organs and glands, create space in the body and aid digestion. They are also very good for the spine and can help maintain or restore normal spinal function and rotation.

Time to get twisting!



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