Quiet Quest Day 24. Another Tea Meditation


Don’t be fooled by this cute little face.

Given she is currently torturing me in the form of sleep deprivation – this picture here is probably a better representation –

Isla Devil Photo

Given that little princess here has wanted to sing, dance, eat, cry and carry-on between the hours of midnight and 3 am before promptly getting back up at 5:30am for the last 3 nights I am barely functioning.

I should mention that sleep deprivation impairs alertness, concentration and reasoning and increases anxiety and depression. It can actually lead to serious health problems and I personally don’t function when I am this tired.

For todays Quiet Quest I will only be just mustering the energy to make and drink a nice cup of calming Sleepy Time tea. This isn’t the first time during Quiet Quest I’ve chosen a tea meditation after an exhausting day.  Thich Nhat Hanh has a beautiful tea meditation that I highly recommend reading through.

Here’s hoping the little midnight party princess opts for sleep tonight……..



6 thoughts on “Quiet Quest Day 24. Another Tea Meditation

  1. I had one of those as well Lauren I she does the same ad Hunter and goes back to sleeping Hunter lasted about 4 nights and then I think he finally relished o. The four night mummy had, had enough and must have relished he best stay in bed lol xx best of luck xx
    I love reading your blog as well very inspiring xxx

    • Oh thank you!
      Glad to hear that I’m not the only one that has a little night owl.
      I think Isla also realised last night that I was at my wits end because she didn’t grace me with her presence until 6am.
      How sad that 6am is now considered a sleep in!!

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