Quiet Quest Day 20. Making Pesto from Nonna’s Garden


It’s Self Love Sunday again and after my professed love of reading comes my love for eating – which is no surprise given my Italian family background.

For today’s Quiet Quest I am mindfully making a jar of vegan pesto.

I have loved pesto ever since I was a little girl and I love it even more these days as it’s about the only time my own little girl puts something green in her mouth. It can also be made somewhat quietly with a mortar and pestle and without the need for gas or electricity, so perfect for Quiet Quest.

I’m at my Nonna’s today and conveniently she has an incredible organic vegetable garden with a couple of very large bushes of basil (pic below). Not only does my Nonna’s home grown basil taste better – it’s free!


Some natural health practitioners actually recommend basil for increasing the body’s resistance to stress and disease and in Ayurvedic traditional medicine it is used to treat bronchitis, fever, fatigue and skin disorders.

And – according to herbal legend (I was surprised to read there was such a thing), basil planted near the house will ward of evil and ensure good health to all that dwell within. Some traditions even claim that if a man gives a sprig of basil to a woman, she will fall in love with him and they will never part!

While I’m not too confident about these last two statements for basil, what I am certain of is that it makes a delicious pesto!



2 thoughts on “Quiet Quest Day 20. Making Pesto from Nonna’s Garden

  1. What a lovely post my darling girl. You should have been a journalist! Maybe one day you might help me write a recipe book with all the food you love. Namaste. X

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