Quiet Quest Day 19 – Hip Opening Yoga Sequence

upavistha konasana

If there is one thing that stirs up anger, frustration and rage in me – it is a hip opening yoga sequence.

The physical benefits of hip openers are many  – relief of sciatic pain, massage of the reproductive system, treatment of arthritis and general flexibility to name a few.

But what many people don’t know is that on a subtle level we also hold a lot of stress and negative emotions in our hips. Like my drawers, wardrobe and sunroom, I tend to store a lot of ‘stuff’ there and do my very best to avoid these poses – in particular the seated wide leg forward bend (a.k.a upavista konasana) pictured above.

The lovely Maryanne designed a beautiful private lesson for me last week and recommended that I also look at this hip opening sequence featured on Yoga Journal for my Quiet Quest today. Maryanne also designs an amazing fashion collection which can be found here.

The sequence ends in an incredibly challenging pose called Tortoise. Here’s hoping my reaction to this sequence is tortoise like – patient and even tempered!



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