Quiet Quest – Day 7. Restorative Yoga


Nothing makes my heart sing more than watching my children play happily together on the beach.

But to be completely honest, beach days pre-children were probably a little bit more relaxing.

They didn’t involve endless trips to the shore to fill water buckets, labouring on sandcastles, pools and tunnels, yelling not to throw sand and splash people or making sure over-confident little people didn’t get swept up and away in the ocean.

So I think it would be fair to say that this evening, after 3 beautiful days at the beach and amazing weather, I am slightly fatigued and have decided to end the long weekend and complete my daily 30 minute quiet quest with a restorative yoga practice.

Restorative yoga is made up of asanas that are designed to deeply nourish and leave you feeling well rested. It requires lots of props (think blankets, bolsters and blocks) so that the body has the sense that it is both safe and supported and can fully and deeply relax. My teacher describes it as the ‘yoga of being‘ opposed to the ‘yoga of doing‘.

I find it a lovely practice before bed as I tend to become hyperactive once the kids go to sleep. It’s like my brain registers that I have ‘me’ time and I get a burst of energy that was no where to be found between the hours of 5pm and 7pm when I am trying to get the dinner, bath, story, bed routine to happen.

So most nights, despite warning signs from my body that I’m exhausted, I’m up savouring ‘my time’ until I realise that it’s close to midnight and that I really need to get some sleep. I almost always regret this at 5:30am when my 2 year old is pulling me out of bed and demanding her breakfast and I haven’t had nearly enough sleep.

Restorative yoga will calm the nervous system, allow you to relax and guarantee a better night sleep…..assuming there are no little visitors throughout the night!



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