Quiet Quest – Day 6. Meditation


It took me a very long time to get on board with meditation.

Besides not being able to sit alone with myself for a any long period of time without feeling panicky or anxious, I had some pre-conceived ideas about what meditation was and refused to listen to anyone who told me that it was exactly what I needed.

After an extended period of working with my holistic coach and counsellor, I finally let some stuff go and started to embrace sitting and finding stillness.

These days, I actually look forward to the practice, especially after spending the day with my two gorgeous children who are well, lets face it – relentless. It’s actually a nice alternative to sleep after playing musical beds with your toddler all night!

Meditation is a five thousand year old discipline that builds your ability to concentrate and maintain the mental focus required to achieve your goals and appreciate life. The peace, tranquility and renewed energy that you have after a 20 minute daily practice can help transform the way you approach the challenges life throws upon us. 

For me, it’s one of the key tools for staying sane.



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