Quiet Quest – Day 4. Mindful Eating

I work Friday and have decided that today I am going to incorporate my 30 minute quiet quest into the working day with mindful eating.

We work in a fast paced, dynamic and at times intense environment and for some reason the vast majority of us decide to put our work above our wellness and often grab takeout to eat and come back to our desks to stare at our screens, take phone calls and type emails all between mindless bites of the food we just bought.  Some of us don’t even get up to buy our own lunch and rather throw money at someone else who has offered to leave the office on everyone else’s behalf.

Why we do this, I have no idea. I would consider us to be a bright, intelligent, well educated bunch that know there is truck loads of evidence that supports the benefits of taking time out from our glaring screens and meetings to rest and eat nourishing foods. It’s productivity and efficiency 101 right?

Obviously there are a whole range of other things to consider with this approach to ‘lunch breaks’. The impact on the environment with all the paper and plastic packaging, the quality and origin of the food etc – but that is a whole other post.

So what do I mean by mindful eating? Mindfulness is the Buddhist practice of being aware moment to moment. Mindful eating is about the way we eat, not what we eat (again – a whole other post). It is a technique that is employed not only by those practising Buddhism but those who want to have a more healthy relationship with food and the way they eat.

Mindful eating is about being wholly conscious of every bite, taste and texture and recognising the feelings associated with eating. A great practice for those of us who turn to a tub of ice-cream to soothe or numb how we’re feeling.

There is a wealth of information out there on the subject – if you’re interested in learning more I would recommend visiting  www.eatingmindfully.com



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