Quiet Quest – Day 3. Yin Yoga


This morning I conveniently put my back out when trying to lift my 2 year old daughter up in a very awkward and unsafe way.

I was planning on a seated meditation this evening for my 30 minute daily quiet quest but was in too much pain to sit that still for 30 minutes and no doubt sleep deprivation would see me fall asleep in a lying down mediation.

So I opted for a yin style asana practice.

Yin is undeniably my favourite style of yoga. Most poses are done seated or lying down and are held for longer periods of time (typically 3-5 minutes) than what you would hold an asana in an open hatha class. It’s a great alternative when you’re feeling low in energy.

Influenced by the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, Yin Yoga is said to enhance the flow of energy in the tissues around the joints through the practice of long- held poses. The long held poses help to stretch connective tissue so it’s also a great way to increase flexibility.

Given the asanas can be held for several minutes, I generally like to zone out from the pose and listen to music. Most poses focus on opening hips and stretching out hamstrings so if I’m honest it’s nice to be somewhat distracted if you’re particularly tight in those areas.

Obviously there is no music allowed in your 30 minutes of quiet quest, so I actually found my practice tonight really challenging and had to really connect with my breath and just ride out the feelings of agitation and frustration.

It was a looong 30 minutes.

On the upside, the forward bends did release the tightness in my back so I may be able to manage that planned seated meditation tomorrow




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