Quiet Quest – Day 2. Walking meditation



This morning I decided that I would spend my 30 minutes of Quiet Quest in a walking meditation.

Walking meditation is basically meditation in action. It uses the physical, mental and emotional experiences of walking as a way to develop greater awareness. 

There is no destination and often you will just walk back and forth along the length of about 25 metres.

It’s a great way to build concentration and if your feeling a bit sluggish as I typically do at 5:30am, it can also be somewhat invigorating.

I chose walking meditation this morning as I was too tired for a seated meditation. It was actually more challenging than what I thought. I usually like to walk quite quickly with a destination in mind and to listen to music so I really had to just pace myself and concentrate on every step. Again this morning I noticed my thoughts racing for what seemed the first 10 minutes and then eventually settling.

There weren’t too many distractions on the way, although walking back past the coffee shop was a little tempting!



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